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20% of retailers don’t yet offer online parcel tracking

Free delivery over X euros is considered a standard service by retailers and consumers. But online  parcel tracking is still not something all online retailers offer. Also, there are still many ecommerce websites that don’t offer any email or text updates.


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eTail Delivery, an ecommerce event which will take place in Amsterdam on 21 and 22 September, wrote a report about online delivery in Europe. It asked 100 heads of operations, logistics and ecommerce about where they stand and what they predict for the future of delivery.

One of the questions they asked for the report, was “which of these features do you currently provide to your customers”. Almost nine out of ten retailers offer free delivery over X amount, while it was 63 percent of them just one year ago. Online parcel tracking however is still not offered by 20 percent of retailers. And 17 percent of them don’t offer any email or text updates. Click and collect is offered by 52 percent of retailers, slightly less than one year ago.

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12% of retailers use a single carrier

In terms of shipping options, 89 percent of retailers use mainstream carriers, such as UPS, Fedex and DHL, to fulfil their deliveries. One in three is looking to expand internationally and will thus add new carriers to fulfill for global consumers. One in eight retailers uses a single carrier for simplicity.

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