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3 in 4 Belarusian internet users shop online

What is there to say about the ecommerce industry of Belarus? Well, the share of Belarusian internet users who shop online has hit 75 percent. And more than half of those online shoppers buy home appliances and mobile devices. People in Belarus are still eager to pay their goods ordered online by paying cash on delivery.

This is what our partner Gemius found out while surveying Belarusian internet users at the beginning of this year. As the results show, three-quarters of online users in the Eastern European country shop online, while nearly 12 percent made their first purchase within the last six months prior to the research.

Home appliances are popular in Belarus
Most of the online consumers in Belarus shopped for home appliances, mobile devices and gadgets. Computers and laptops were also very popular products to buy online, as 43% of online consumers bought these at least once. A slightly smaller number of e-shoppers (38%) bought concerts or theater tickets and tickets for planes and trains (36%).

The biggest global ecommerce player in Belarus is eBay, which has a reach of 2,85%. But the winner is online clothing store, which has a reach of 20,20%. The site is a local version of Russian online store

Popular product categories in Belarus
Popular product categories in Belarus

In Belarus, most people prefer to pay by cash on delivery, as this was chosen by 60 percent of online users. Far less popular are credit card payments, which has been used by 13% of Belarusian online consumers. The least popular payment method is paying via a cell phone, only 0,3% ever used this.

Popular payment methods in Belarus
Popular payment methods in Belarus

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