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47 million Germans shopped online in 2015

47 million Germans shopped online in 2015

About 47 million people in Germany have bought or ordered goods or services online for private use last year. This corresponds to 77 percent of the German internet users of 10 years and older. Compared to 2010, the amount of online shoppers has increased by around 20 percent.

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This statistic was shared by Statistisches Bundesamt, the federal statistical office of Germany. It also revealed that back in 2010, there were approximately 39 million online shoppers in Germany and now that number has increased to about 47 million online shoppers.

Popular online product categories in Germany

Almost two in three German online shoppers (64 percent) ordered clothing and sports articles online. Half of online shoppers (49 percent) bought furniture, toys or other durable goods online. Also very popular was the online purchase of book, magazines or newspapers (42 percent), tickets for events (39 percent) as well as movies and music (33 percent). About four in ten (41 percent) booked a holiday accommodation online, while 31 percent purchased services for leisure travel (such as tickets or a rental car) online. And 28 percent ordered medicine over the Internet.


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