Amazon France opens dedicated Euro 2016 shop

Amazon France opens dedicated Euro 2016 shop

In 45 days, the best European soccer countries (minus the Netherlands) will decide which country will succeed Spain as the European champion. To get fans in the mood, Amazon France opened a dedicated online Euro 2016 shop, containing more than 134,000 items for soccer fans.

The dedicated Amazon shop contains most items from the retailer’s soccer department, but of course also has all the Euro 2016 merchandise, such as key cords, socks, stuffed toys and t-shirts. Amazon’s Euro 2016 shop is divided into different categories: “I support my team”, “I celebrate with friends”, “I watch the matches at home”, “I play like the pros” and “After the matches”.

Amazon Euro 2016
The Euro 2016 shop from

Amazon also revealed the top 20 of cities in France, based on sales in the Amazon football shop between the 1st of April last year and the 1ste of April this year. The top 5 consists of Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt, Villeurbanne, Nice and Metz.

1. Paris
2. Boulogne-Billancourt
3. Villeurbanne
4. Nice
5. Metz
6. Lyon
7. Aix-en-Provence
8. Montpellier
9. Besançon
10. Orleans
11. Montreuil
12. Strasbourg
13. Toulouse
14. Dijon
15. Nantes
16. Marseilles
17. Saint-Etienne
18. Toulon
19. Nancy
20. Bordeaux

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