Amazon Germany customers choose their favorite sellers

Amazon Germany customers choose their favorite sellers

At the start of the Christmas season, Amazon has honored small and medium-sized enterprises with the Amazon Verkaufspartner-Awards (Amazon Selling Partner Awards). Customers of Amazon Germany chose their favorite companies in the categories ‘Partner of the year’, ‘Innovation champion of the year’ and ‘export champion of the year’.

It’s the first time Amazon Germany has handed out the Amazon Selling Partner Awards. Currently, many products sold by Amazon come from small and medium-sized enterprises, over 50 percent worldwide. At the same time, third-party sales grow faster than Amazon’s own trading business, the company explains.

How the winners were picked

In September, Amazon Germany started the competition, enabling small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany and Austria to compete in three different categories. An Amazon jury nominated 11 selling partners, based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria. Based on this pre-selection, Amazon’s customers could vote for their favorites from mid-October to late November.

The three winners

Eventually, there were three winners, all from Germany. Socks retailer Snocks from Ladenburg won the award for ‘sales partner of the year’. Halm Straws from Berlin, which sells sustainable straws since 2017, became the winner in the category ‘innovation champion of the year’. And InnovaMaxx, which is also located in Berlin, won an award for ‘export champion of the year’. The company generates 30 percent of its sales outside Germany.

The three winners of the first Amazon Selling Partner Awards.
The three winners of the first Amazon Selling Partner Awards.

According to Amazon’s information, over 130,000 SMEs in Europe sell their products on the popular ecommerce platform. The ones selling at Amazon Germany have created an additional 120,000 jobs to date.


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