Amazon tests Amazon Locker at Shell stations in Germany

Amazon tests Amazon Locker at Shell stations in Germany

Amazon has cooperated with oil giant Shell to test its parcel delivery service Amazon Locker. The online merchant has put Amazon Lockers at ten different petrol stations in Munich. It is a test, so if all things go well, more Amazon Lockers at Shell stations across the country can be expected.

The world’s largest online retailer has partnered with the Anglo-Dutch oil giant to get a share in the German parcel business. According to press agency DPA, the idea is to deliver the packages themselves, independent from parcel delivery services such as German market leader DHL.

‘Three-digit number of Shell station will have Amazon Locker’

Since last month, Amazon has been testing its Amazon Locker in ten Shell stations in Munich. After gathering results from this test, the plan is to equip a three-digit number of Shell stations in Germany with Amazon’s parcel lockers. The online retailer’s customers can forward their orders to these lockers if they aren’t at home at the time the parcel should be delivered to them.

Last month, news came out Amazon wanted to test its Amazon Lockers in Munich and Berlin. The test and slow roll-out in Germany seem to be part of Amazon’s wish to open a parcel locker network across Europe.


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