‘Amazon will launch checkout-free supermarkets in the UK’

‘Amazon will launch checkout-free supermarkets in the UK’

There are strong rumors that Amazon will launch Amazon Go, its checkout-free grocery stores, in the United Kingdom. And there are many reasons to believe these rumors, after the UK Intellectual Property Office has approved the company’s application to trademark the slogan ‘No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.)’.

This trademark was filed by Amazon on May 11 and published eight days later. Amazon also filed applications to trademark three other, similar slogans: “No queue. No checkout. (No seriously.)”, “Every queue is a defect”, and “Every Line is a defect.” These are the same slogans Amazon used when it announced its Amazon Go stores last December.

In the United Kingdom, Amazon is already quite busy in the grocery sector. It has launched Amazon Fresh, Amazon Pantry and Amazon Prime.

About Amazon Go

Amazon Go is a grocery store with no checkout required and, thus, there are no lines where customers will have to wait. Consumers enter the store by using the Amazon Go app, after which they can grab all the products they want. When they leave the store, the customer’s Amazon account will be charged and he or she will receive a receipt.


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