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Apparently Different tests smart dressing room with touch screen

Apparently Different tests smart dressing room with touch screen

The German fashion retailer Apparently Different has opened a pop-up store in Berlin yesterday. In the store, customers can order products from a touch screen while they are in the locker room. Via a tablet, employees get notified of the customers’ requests so they can search the desired items and deliver them through a drawer system directly into the locker room.


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Apparently Different, which says it brings the best of online shopping to fashion stores, has opened a pop up store which will be open for one month. But the company has plans to open a permanent one at the start of next year.

Twelve square meters big and it has a fridge
In the temporary fashion store, customers can choose the clothing they want to try on by selecting them on a touch screen. Then, an employee gets a notification on his tablet and will pick the selected clothes. These are then put into a drawer and in about thirty seconds the customer receives the items he wants to try on in the dressing room.

“The advantages, such as the easy navigation through a huge online product range, are now connected to trying them on in a private atmosphere”, founder Dorian Freudenreich told And trying clothes on happens in a dressing room that’s twelve square meters big and even has a small refrigerator stocked with refreshments.

The pop up store is located at the Brunnenstraße in Berlin and is open until October 30.

You should check out the video to see how it really works: