Asendia and An Post help cross-border retailers in Ireland

Asendia and An Post help cross-border retailers in Ireland

Asendia, a joint venture of La Poste and Swiss Post, and Irish postal operator An Post have formed a partnership to help cross-border retailers exploit ecommerce in Ireland. The partnership lets Asendia offer retailers access to the last mile delivery of An Post, from the 15 countries where Asendia operates.

According to CEO Marc Pontet, his company keeps looking at ways to develop their cross-border parcel services to thriving ecommerce markets and he says Ireland is one such market.

Saturday and evening delivery

“We chose to partner with An Post because their services offer a long list of unrivalled benefits such as Saturday and evening delivery, safe places and three delivery attempts. These are the features that online shoppers are looking for”, he explains.

Gilles Ferrandez, commercial director at An Post, says the Irish postal company is evolving to meet the demands of modern ecommerce. “By partnering with Asendia we are able to expand solutions in the UK, across continental Europe, the USA and Asia; this is a really exciting opportunity for us to grow our reach.”

Irish consumers shop online in UK

Consumers in Ireland love to shop online and are very eager to order products online from overseas stores. Especially, online retailers in the United Kingdom are a very popular destination for Irish shoppers.

Cross-border shopping: 77% of Irish ecommerce

Last year, the fast growing ecommerce in Ireland was worth 6,7 million euros. And cross-border shopping is expected to account for over 77 percent of this market, data from Asendia shows. About two in three Irish cross-border shoppers buy from the United Kingdom, with China and the US being the next most popular shopping destinations abroad.

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