Avalara and GlobalCollect want to simplify cross-border ecommerce

Avalara, that helps businesses achieve compliance with tax requirements, and payment service provider GlobalCollect are partnering up. The strategic partnership should simplify cross-border ecommerce by offering ecommerce businesses localized payment solutions, while ensuring they remain fully compliant with transactional tax regulations.

crossborder_bannerIt’s not always easy to expand your ecommerce business into other countries. When you go cross-border you just can’t copy your business from one country to another. You need to  research your new market, maybe change your website’s content, language, assortment, et cetera. And one of the most important things: your new customers should be able to order on your website without any hassle. So that means you have to offer them localized payment solutions, while you comply to the local tax regulations.

Helping merchants manage more global transactions
And that’s where these two companies want to come in. Avalara has a database that combines address validation and geolocation to apply the correct taxability rules and rates, while GlobalCollect offers a web-enabled interface to manage localized payment methods.

According to Kevin Boland of Avalara the British company wants to continue facilitating international growth for ecommerce companies and GlobalCollect represents a key strategic partnership for them in the payments world. “We are excited to join with GlobalCollect to help merchants successfully manage more transactions internationally”, the vice–president Business Development  EMEA at Avalara said.

Matthijs Pronk, VP of Business Development at GlobalCollect, states that online merchants who go cross-border encounter many new challenges. “By working together, we are helping to relieve merchants’ burdens on international contracts, currency conversions, reconciliation, VAT calculation and management. Supporting them with payment products means that merchants can focus on what they do best: offering great products and services online, internationally.”

Avalara was founded in 2004 and supports automated tax calculation in more than 100 countries. GlobalCollect securely accepts payments from more than 170 countries in more than 150 currencies with more than 150 local payment methods.