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Belgian clothing store JBC launches in the Netherlands

Belgian clothing store JBC launches in the Netherlands

JBC, a clothing store from Belgium, has opened its online store in the Netherlands. This ecommerce website will only feature the company’s children’s clothing. It’s not the first time JBC sells its apparel to Dutch customers, because ten years ago the company opened five physical stores at the northern neighbors.

The online store launched on the same day a television program called “K3 zoekt K3” started on Dutch television. In this show, members of the very popular girl band are looking for three new singers who can replace them. It’s no surprise the launch of the Dutch online store and the start of this television program are on the same day: K3 is part of production company Studio 100, which sold the exclusive rights to sell Studio 100 clothing in the Netherlands to JBC.

JBC hopes the hype that will probably emerge around the program will do positive things for the popularity of K3 merchandise on its website. But aside from K3 merchandise, JBC will also sell clothing and accessories from popular Studio 100 figures, like Samson and Gert and Maya the Bee.

Promoting the online store using TV commercials
Bart Claes, the CEO of JBC, told Belgian newspaper De Tijd the whole operation cost them “quite some money”, without getting into details. At least a part will go to a big media campaign. “We will put our Dutch online store in the spot lights by broadcasting several television commercials”, he said. Those commercials will be shown to the Dutch public during the commercial breaks of “K3 zoekt K3”, which will be broadcasted on SBS6, the third largest TV station in the Netherlands.

“For us, the launch of the talent show is a unique opportunity to put our brand in the spotlights. Children and their parents, who watch the show together, are our target group. The momentum to expand to the Netherlands is now”, Claes thinks. JBC started selling in the Netherlands before. It opened five physical stores ten years ago, but they closed their doors quite soon.

Because of the quick launch online in the Netherlands, other projects of JBC are delayed. For instance, it planned to renew and further roll out its German online store, but this has been postponed until September 20.