‘Brits will spend €28 billion using their smartphones’

‘Brits will spend €28 billion using their smartphones’

Shoppers from the United Kingdom are planning to spend 25 billion pounds, or 28.3 billion euros, using their smartphones this year. That’s an increase of about 66 percent compared to the situation in 2018.

This can be concluded after Opinium surveyed over 2,000 UK adults. According to the study, 48 percent of shoppers will use their smartphone or tablet to shop online this year. When they got the question how much money they are about to spend online using these devices, the average answer was about 940 euros.

More people now buy online using a mobile device (58 percent) than in shopping centers (56 percent), and smartphones and tables are now as popular as laptops and desktops for online shopping, the study shows.

Reasons for using smartphone while shopping online

Reasons to use the smartphone for online shopping, are convenience (said by 66 percent) and saving money (36 percent). When smartphone shoppers buy something online on their mobile phone, it’s mostly clothes, books, groceries and events tickets, while Amazon, eBay and Argos are the most popular ecommerce sites to visit.

Online shop % shoppers who have bought from here in 2018
Amazon 89%
eBay 63%
Argos 41%
Tesco 35%
Marks & Spencer 25%
Asda 25%
Sainsbury’s 22%
John Lewis 20%
Currys PC World 17%


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