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We share lots of articles containing hard statistics about ecommerce in Europe, but sometimes these are just numbers. Sometimes it can be more interesting to know more about the consumers driving these statistics. On this page you’ll find article we’ve written about online consumer behavior in Europe.

74% of Europeans won’t reduce online shopping

Three in four European consumers (74 percent) say they will stick to their pandemic online shopping levels, meaning they won’t reduce their ecommerce activities now they can shop offline again. So it looks like the shift to ecommerce is here to stay. Continue reading

42% of Austrians shop online at least every week

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in Austria. The corona pandemic has, of course, intensified this trend. Currently, 85 percent of Austrian consumers shop online at least once a month, while 42 percent buy products online at least once a week. Continue reading

Delivery costs most important factor when choosing online stores

In a major part of Europe, delivery costs are the most important factor for online shoppers who are choosing which online store they will buy from. This doesn’t necessarily mean online customers are fundamentally unwilling to pay for delivery, but the willingness differs per country. Continue reading

43% of Swiss want to shop less after corona

Many people in Switzerland have permanently changed their shopping behavior due to the corona pandemic. Almost half of Swiss consumers want to consume less in the future. In several product and service categories, the amount of money spent is expected to decline. Continue reading

What do European consumers want from customer service?

With the corona crisis giving a massive boost to ecommerce in Europe, customer service teams were put under substantial pressure. And the return numbers also significantly increased last year. How do customer service in European countries perform? Continue reading

Online-only players most popular among UK fashion shoppers

Ecommerce is, of course, very popular now the physical stores are closed in many countries across Europe. But online-only retailers seem to really reap the rewards of having a strong digital infrastructure. In the UK, online-only retailers are now the number-one purchasing channel for fashion shoppers. Continue reading

49% of Irish do most online shopping with local SMEs

One in two consumers in Ireland say they do the majority of their online shopping with small and medium-sized enterprises from Ireland. But a slightly bigger share of people, 51 percent, place most of their online orders at international retailers. Continue reading

UK shopper spends 11% more online

Nowadays, the average shopper in the United Kingdom spends 83 pounds (about 91.5 euros) per month online. Last year, this was 75 pounds (82.7 euros). The coronavirus outbreak has for sure contributed to this 11 percent year-on-year increase. Continue reading

7 out of 10 Belgians buy online

This year, 72 percent of Belgians make online purchases. Of all Belgians who are active online, eight in ten have bought something online in the past year. And 94 percent say they will do so in the future. Continue reading