Cross-border ecommerce is a very hot topic, as more online retailers are expanding their businesses abroad. Want to be inspired? Or just stay up-to-date? Read our articles about ecommerce companies who went or are planning to go cross-border.

Ecommerce software BiedMeer becomes CCV Shop and expands in Europe

Dutch ecommerce software provider BiedMeer will change its name into CCV Shop starting January 13, 2015. The company was acquired by CCV Group nine months ago and it now wants to use this name to start its services in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, as the name “BiedMeer” (literally: “offer more”) won’t ring any bells across the Dutch borders. Continue reading

Why you should consider Spain for your ecommerce business

When you think about countries in Europe that can serve as a good market for your ecommerce business, the first that pop up in your mind are probably the United Kingdom, France and Germany. But hey, do not forget about Spain, a country that has made major inroads in terms of ecommerce. Here’s why you should consider Spain for your ecommerce business. Continue reading

Belarusians turn to cross-border shopping

Consumers from Belarus are increasingly shopping across the border. As a matter of fact, citizens from this Eastern European country ranked fifth (and thereby leaving behind the US and Canada) in terms of online purchases during China’s Singles Day on November 11. Together, Belarusians spent nearly 3 billion dollars abroad annually, while domestic producers continue to lose their local markets. Continue reading

45% growth in Polish cross-border ecommerce in 2014

Cross-border growth in Ecommerce Poland

There was a growth of 45% in the cross-border ecommerce industry in Poland this year. With this growth rate, it grew harder than the cross-border ecommerce industry in European countries like Romania, Greece and Hungary. Polish consumers would shop more abroad if cost of returns was free. Continue reading

AO has big plans for expansion into Europe

AO, the British online retailer of domestic appliances, has launched its German website, but that’s not the only expansion it has planned. AO World is also looking at starting businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium. Austria, Switzerland and France are also potential targets for the retailer that reported some strong growth in revenue for the first half of the year. Continue reading

8 tips for cross-border success in Europe

In Europe, cross-border ecommerce is happening more and more, as customers today have better access to the internet and are more comfortable with shopping at foreign sites, while online retailers are looking for ways to expand their businesses. We give you 8 tips for cross-border success in Europe. Continue reading

Avalara and GlobalCollect want to simplify cross-border ecommerce

Avalara, that helps businesses achieve compliance with tax requirements, and payment service provider GlobalCollect are partnering up. The strategic partnership should simplify cross-border ecommerce by offering ecommerce businesses localized payment solutions, while ensuring they remain fully compliant with transactional tax regulations. Continue reading