No ecommerce without logistics. Because whenever a consumer orders something online, that product has to be shipped from one place (one of many warehouses and fulfilment centers in Europe) to another (the consumer’s house, a pick-up point, et cetera). So logistics (and logistics companies) play a very important role in the whole ecommerce process. In order to achieve success in the online retail industry, one has to have a very solid logistics plan in place.

Direct Link: ‘Nothing beats events like DELIVER’

On 8 and 9 June, popular ecommerce and logistics event DELIVER will take place in Amsterdam. One of the companies exhibiting there will be Direct Link, a logistics provider. "Nothing beats physical events like this one, as it provides opportunities to get in touch with customers directly", says Ulrich Hinz, Direct Link Sales Manager in Germany.

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Octopia Fulfillment to enter the UK and Germany

Octopia Fulfillment, a logistics service provider from France, has announced that it will open new warehouses in the coming months. The company will launch warehouses in the UK and Germany, as an addition to its warehouses that are currently active in France and Spain. The expansion will further solidify the company's logistics network.

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Active Ants opens distribution center in the UK

Dutch fulfillment company Active Ants has announced that it is opening its fifth distribution center in September. After two sites in the Netherlands and an expansion to Belgium and Germany, the company will now take on England. "Coming to Northampton will allow us to increase our presence. Ultimately, we want to become the best fulfillment company in Europe", says co-founder Jeroen Dekker.

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Shippo enters Ireland

Shipping platform Shippo has entered Ireland with the opening of its new research and development center in Dublin. This is the company's first office in Europe, while it already offers its services in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. It wants to expand further internationally.

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