No ecommerce without logistics. Because whenever a consumer orders something online, that product has to be shipped from one place (one of many warehouses and fulfilment centers in Europe) to another (the consumer’s house, a pick-up point, et cetera). So logistics (and logistics companies) play a very important role in the whole ecommerce process. In order to achieve success in the online retail industry, one has to have a very solid logistics plan in place.

SwipBox: 10 thousand lockers in 2021

SwipBox, the parcel locker company from Denmark, has had a good year. The number of lockers has tripled to 10 thousand. The amount of customers has also doubled in 2021, thanks to the pandemic boom in ecommerce as well as increased sales of their smart lockers, the company says.

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AliExpress launches logistics solution

Chinese marketplace AliExpress has announced the launch of a new logistics solution. This enables the company to offer a 10-day delivery guarantee, significantly speeding up deliveries in Europe. The new streamlined network is expected to enhance AliExpress' cross-border ecosystem.

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Arvato uses most robots in one location in Europe

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, a supply chain management service provider from Germany, began the use of AutoStore operations in Dortmund today. They will use the largest number of robots in one location in Europe. Approximately 180,000 bins and 280 robots can be used in the new hall.

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