Looking for popular online marketplaces in Europe? If not, please read further. Whenever you ask someone what comes up in his mind on hearing the word ‘ecommerce’, there’s a big chance he’ll come up with eBay or Amazon. And can you blame him? These marketplaces are amongst the biggest and most successful ecommerce players in the world. Marketplaces are very popular among consumers as they often offer a very wide range of merchandise, all on one site

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Yoox launches marketplace

Online high-end fashion retailer Yoox has announced the launch of its first marketplace. The marketplace will intregrate small businesses and brands, which will also enhance Yoox's assortment. The marketplace is launched in Europe and will expand across the US, North Africa, Japan and the Middle East next year.

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Zalando launches Care & Repair program

Online fashion giant Zalando has launched a Care & Repair program, starting with pilots in Germany as of this month. There are plans to launch the program in other European markets as well. Sweden and Poland are possible prospects, since customers from these countries wear repaired clothes most often, Zalando's new survey finds.

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