Mcommerce is hot. As the ecommerce business has become a serious, solid and mature industry in the retail world, it’s now time for the mobile commerce. More and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to visit retail sites and order products and/or services online.As a retailer you definitely have to be ready for these kinds of visitors as not every site is easy to visit from a mobile device. And you don’t want to lose customers, because you were to late chaning your website…

Google unveils Android Pay

Android Pay

Google has announced Android Pay. This contactless payment system is another attempt of Google to gain a foothold in the payments market. With the smartphone tool consumers are able to instantly pay for goods in physical stores and mobile apps on Android phones. Continue reading

3 in 10 online transactions in Europe are mobile

Adyen Mobile Payments

Almost three in ten online transactions in Europe happen via a mobile device. In terms of mobile payments, the smartphone is more popular than the tablet. Especially in the United Kingdom, making online payments using a mobile device is popular. Continue reading

“Swedish online retailers need to do more with mcommerce”

Mcommerce in Sweden

With Google now punishing websites that aren’t mobile friendly, online retailers are in a hurry to have a mobile optimized website. But it’s not solely the mobile website online retailers should worry about, it’s the mobile app that normally leads to more conversion. But in Sweden, many retailers don’t have an app. And that could be a problem. Continue reading

Mobile revenues in Europe grew by 105% in 2014

In Europe, 2014 has closed with an all-time peak in mobile revenues and mobile transactions. Both increased by more than 120% from September to October last year. Overall, there was an increase of 82% in mobile transactions, while mobile revenues grew by 105% compared to 2013. Continue reading

Key figures for mobile commerce in Europe revealed

Mobile commerce Europe

Europeans are set to spend about 45 billion euros via mobile devices in 2015, an increase of 88.7% on 23.8 billion euros in 2014. PC spending on the other hand, will grow by just 6%. In Europe, 12% of all online purchases has happened through mobile devices. Continue reading

Consumers and their online shopping expectations

Consumers are picky. Not only can they choose for your competitor, they can also shop cross-border if your online store doesn’t fulfil their needs. A new study shows how consumers across the globe think about shopping online, what they are expecting and experiencing and what’s holding them back from buying more online and online mobile. Continue reading

The current mobile commerce situation in Europe

Mobile commerce

PayPal has done some research on the mobile commerce industry in Europe. For example, it has found out that the Dutch barely use their smartphones to shop online, while Turks love to notify a story of one’s presence using an app. Let’s have a look at the European mcommerce industry. Continue reading