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Ah, the online store! That’s what it’s all about in the ecommerce industry, right? In this category you’ll find articles about several online stores throughout Europe. It could be an article about an online store has been launched or about online stores in general in a certain country. So check out this category if you’re specifically interested in online stores.

Doctipharma starts online sales of non-prescription drugs in France

French online pharmacist Doctipharma has opened its service platform where it sells non-prescription drugs, after it obtained the approval of health authorities. allows patients to securely access these products in strict compliance with the recommendations of health authorities and benefit from the advice of pharmacists gathered on this platform. Continue reading

Key ecommerce trends in 2015

It’s still two months, but 2015 is near. And this may be a year of other trends than we saw in 2014. Three CEOs of leading ecommerce companies in Europe told us their predictions of what might happen in online shopping next year. They believe the next trends will have the strongest impact on the online retail industry. Continue reading

Almost half of Dutch online stores quits after two years

Of all online stores in the Netherlands that started in 2012, almost half of them doesn’t exist anymore. There were 7591 online stores founded two years ago, but today only 56 percent of them is still active. It also seems that one in four ecommerce sites that started last year won’t be there anymore if the last quarter of 2014 is reached. Continue reading

YouTube users can shop at 3 Suisses via video ads

Otto is experimenting with interactive video clips on YouTube. Viewers can purchase the products that are presented during the pre-roll video advertisements with one simple mouse click. They will be directed to the relevant product page on Otto’s French subsidiary 3Suisses. Continue reading

Toys”R”Us launches ecommerce site in Poland

The American toy retailer Toys”R”Us has announced the launch of an ecommerce site in Poland, adding to its growing portfolio of online stores all over the world. Toys”R”Us already has eight physical stores and the web store will extends the brand’s reach to more Polish consumers. Continue reading

Perfume retailer Douglas will also sell erotic products

The German perfume retailer Douglas will add erotic items to its product range in the near future. With various scented waters, cleansing elixirs, nourishing creams and a high quality makeup line the company is an import place for shoppers looking for beauty products. And soon these shoppers can also shop at Douglas for vibrators and other adult toys. Continue reading

Online furniture store Hem goes live in Europe and USA announced today it has officially launched Hem, an online retailer selling Scandinavian-style furniture. The European design company goes live in 40 markets. It ships to 30 countries, including the US, and a further ten countries will have Hem’s furniture thanks to resale partnerships with physical stores. Continue reading