Statistics are boring? Hell no! They can be very interesting, if you are interested in the ecommerce industry that is. Check out this category to see some stunning numbers and data about the ecommerce industry in different European countries or about a certain company.

Instabox’s revenue: from 6 to 24 million euros

Parcel delivery service Instabox has quadrupled its revenues in Sweden last year. Sales went from 6 million euros to 24 million euros. At the same time, the number of users grew more than 150 percent. Currently, over 2 million people in Sweden use the company's parcel locker solution.

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Top 10 fashion brands on Amazon analyzed

What are the best sellers in the clothing category on the four most popular Amazon marketplaces in Europe? How is the ratio between known and unknown brands? And on which other European marketplaces do brands sell their clothing in addition to Amazon?

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Ecommerce fulfillment per country

Last year, a lot happened in the world of logistics and ecommerce fulfillment. The coronavirus pandemic has boosted ecommerce in many ways, but also led to many companies having to make significant changes in the short term. What's the state of ecommerce fulfillment per country in 2021?

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Increased fraud in online fashion

The growing ecommerce has led to a rise in most types of fraud, online fashion retailers claim. One in three have experienced more online payment fraud, while 44 percent have experiences a rise in account takeover and promotion abuse.

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Ecommerce in Belgium: €10.26 billion in 2020

Ecommerce in Belgium was worth 10.26 billion euros in 2020. That's a decrease of 10 percent compared to the situation one year before. Of course, the decline has everything to do with the coronavirus outbreak. Belgians bought far fewer services online, but ordered more products.

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