Celebrity curated To The tops launches in Europe

A new ecommerce platform called To The Tops has launched in the United Kingdom, France and Scandinavia. Its goal is to get as successful as other celebrity curated ecommerce platforms like BeachMint. Retired soccer player Patrick Vieira and singer Kimberly Wyatt are some of the names lending their support.


Omni-Channel Webinar
eTail is the only event where you can learn and network with an incredible group of 80+ senior level retail speakers. Learn from innovative start ups and omnichannel disruptors. With thought-provoking content, interactive formats, and a focus on retail tech, eTail is designed to ensure you achieve omnichannel excellence and drive profit. Download The Agenda is a social shopping site where users can browse, buy, connect and share goods that are curated by celebrities. It works just that simple. Users sign up and thus become a member. They then choose one ore more experts whose product recommendations they want to follow. And then they browse, read, view and pick the products that fit their style.

In the United States there are several ecommerce platforms that work this way. There is BeachMint (with six different subsites, all tackling a different ecommerce branche, like jewelry, shoes or lingerie) OpenSky, OneKingsLane and more recently Gentology, which focuses solely on men.

Curated ecommerce
Curated ecommerce is hot these days. The aforementioned US players cumulatively raised more than 300 million dollars in sales last year, while being active for only three years. These players also raised some 200 million dollars in venture financing, so there are other parties who think curated ecommerce could be the next big thing.

To The Tops is founded by the two 25 year old Frenchmen Vincent Redrado and Maxime Guillaud. Chairman is Marc Mayor, who once was a top executive at MySpace in Europe.