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Carrefour is a hypermarket concern with more than 15.000 branches in more than 31 countries. It’s known for its large retail hypermarkets, but it’s recently focusing on ecommerce.

The first hypermarket

Carrefour is known for its enormous supermarkets, or hypermarkets. The first one launched in 1963, it was the first of its kind in France and offered a vast range of products at low prices. The first establishment had a 2.500 square metres self-service sales area. Products range from food to beauty and health, to electronics and fashion.

It was the first retailer in France to have opened the hypermarket format. It quickly grew internationally, with a store in Brazil in 1975. In 1993, the Carrefour Group expanded further internationally and opened its first stores in Italy. In 1995 a launch in China followed.

It has continued expanding in Asia, Europe and South America. The Carrefour Group now has 12.225 stores in over 30 countries.

Launch of online supermarket

As a result of the expanding ecommerce, Carrefour launched an online supermarket named Ooshop in 2000. The online store had an assortment of 6,000 products including a thousand fresh products.

The online shopping platform has now been integrated with the Carrefour website. This enables customers from all over the world to have their groceries delivered at home or to pick them up at a local Carrefour store.

Carrefour reaches around 104 million households a year worldwide . The company claims to get 1.3 million single visits to all of its online shopping websites every day.

With a presence in three large markets: Europe, Asia and South America, the Carrefour Group generated 52% of its turnover of almost 80.7 billion euros outside of France in 2019.

Active in: Europe

Branches: Food & Non-food

Founder(s): Marcel Fournier

Established: 1960

Company size: 1000

Revenue: 80.7 billion euros (2019)

Carrefour headquarters

93 Avenue de Paris
91300 Massy

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