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Centra is a direct-to-consumer and digital wholesale platform for global brands. Its headless ecommerce platform offers modules for both direct-to-consumer and digital wholesale. It serves all countries with the right products, prices, campaigns, and taxes, and enables retailers to sell through social media. Centra features a built-in PIM that’s geared to handle complex lifestyle products.

According to the founders, 99 percent of all ecommerce platforms are built for multi‑brand retailers. “Centra is built for original brands and their distributors. An ecommerce platform for original brands is different than an ecommerce platform for multi‑brand retailers in many ways. First of all, brands need to master a multitude of channels ‑ selling through distributors, agents, resellers, marketplaces, and their own direct‑to‑consumer websites.”

An ecommerce platform for brands is different than an ecommerce platform for multi-brand retailers.

They continue: “Secondly, brands are global. While most multi‑brand retailers are focused on one or a few markets, brands have the chance to capture their global long‑tail potential through their online direct‑to‑consumer sales. Centra is built to grow your brand globally and across all channels.”

Active in: Europe

Type of business: B2B Commerce, Ecommerce software

Founder(s): Piotr Zaleski and Frans Rosén

Established: 2015

Company size: 25-to-50

Centra headquarters

Humlegårdsgatan 22
114 46 Stockholm

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