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ClipMyImages is an image editing and retouching service for online retailers. It wants to help out ecommerce companies with the basic and time-consuming work of editing their product photos and other ecommerce images. It claims to help reduce the editing costs by 50 percent, with retailers not having to need an in-house editing team. “After a shoot, your manager can upload the images on our server and get the done images ready in a time frame of 24-48 hours.”

Customers of ClipMiImages can get their images customized as per their requirements and specifications. ClipMyImage can also dedicate a full time retoucher as the client’s volumes go up and their business expands.

Active in: Europe, France, Spain

Type of business: Ecommerce software

Founder(s): Ranabir Choudhury

Established: 2011

Company size: 25-to-50

Revenue: 50-60K

ClipMyImages headquarters

212, Peaccok Lane, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi
110049 NEW DELHI
The United Kingdom

Telephone +917838002756