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Coolblue is an omnichannel retailer from the Netherlands. It started in 1999, when Pieter Zwart, Paul de Jong and Bart Kuijpers launched the online store of Soon, hundreds of niche sites followed, such as and Three years after its founding, Coolblue launched online stores in Belgium as well. And in 2003, the retailer opened its very first physical store, in the founders’ hometown of Rotterdam.

Growing fast in the Benelux

Since then, Coolblue managed to grow fast in the Benelux region. Its revenue increased from 16.4 million euros in 2004 to 1.2 billion euros in 2017. In some years, the company’s revenue increased by over 100 percent, while its growth rate has been somewhere between 40 and 55 percent every year since 2012.

Year Revenue
2013 €251.3 million
2014 €360.9 million
2015 €554.7 million
2016 €857.2 million
2017 €1.194 billion
2018 €1.35 billion

From hundreds of shops to just one

Over the course of years, Coolblue had opened hundreds of different online stores that were all focused on one product or product category. In June of 2018, the company made the decision to close all 360 online stores and to continue them under one single domain name: (or in Belgium). According to the company, this decision offers a better overview for customers and also decreases the complexity of the backend of the online store, which enables Coolblue to automate faster.

A real omnichannel player

Coolblue is one of the first big online stores in the Netherlands that eventually made its way to the shopping streets. The first physical Coolblue store was opened in 2003, just four years after its founding and long before many other online retailers went ‘offline’. As of 2019, Coolblue has 9 physical stores, of which 3 are located in Belgium.

Active in: Belgium, The Netherlands

Branches: Electronics, Entertainment & Media, Home, Pets & Garden, Office & School, Toys, Kids & Baby

Founder(s): Pieter Zwart, Paul de Jong & Bart Kuijpers

Established: 1999

Company size: 1000

Revenue: € 1.35 billion (2018)

Coolblue headquarters

Weena 664
3012 CN Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Telephone +31 (0)10 - 79 88 969