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Salesupply is a service provider, offering logistical and customer care solutions. It was founded in 2008 and since then, more than 500 brands are using Salesupply’s services.

From webshop to international infrastructure

The company’s founders had their own international online shop before starting Salesupply. They then built an international infrastructure for other companies and slowly became a service provider. It is now one of the larger providers in the field of ecommerce logistics and customer service solutions.

It has a network of more than 20 logistics and call centre locations in Europe, the USA, and Asia and serves more than 500 clients. Some well known clients are Mollie, Kathmandu and Carhartt.

Global fulfillment

Salesupply promises to optimise delivery times and shipping costs with their Cross Border ecommerce fulfillment services. Customers can store their inventory in 13 fulfillment warehousing locations on three continents.

Customer care

The company also offers its clients customer service solutions. Their customer care is ecommerce specialized and especially useful for clients who want to be easy to reach during peak moments, as well as the weekends. Their customer service is available in 36 languages and 3 time zones.

Active in: Europe, The United Kingdom, The United States

Type of business: B2B Commerce, Customer service, Logistics

Founder(s): Tim Oosterbaan

Established: 2008

Company size: 250-to-500

Salesupply headquarters

Kerkenbos 1047
6546 BB Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Telephone +31 (0)24 7113370