Tvornica Snova

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FabelFeder is a fast-growing start-up that uses innovative technology to make storytelling something unforgettable. Its mission is to enrich their stories through meaningful personalization and to reflect on every page the infinite peculiarity, imagination and courage of each child.

FabelFeder believes in stories – real stories with steep turns, rich acts and fantastic characters that you never want to part with. It believes in children – because they are special, imaginative and scruffy, as the most fantastic fairy tale characters.

Active in: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland

Branches: Entertainment & Media

Founder(s): Andrijana Majstorović, Goran Galetić

Established: 2011

Company size: 5-to-10

Revenue: 300.000,00 Euro

Tvornica Snova headquarters

Nova cesta 151
10000 Zagreb

Telephone +385993720999