Cross-border ecommerce worth 179 billion euros

Cross-border ecommerce worth 179 billion euros

Cross-border ecommerce in Europe was worth 179.4 billion euros in 2022. This is an increase of 4.8 percent compared to a year earlier. In total, European online stores achieved a record-high turnover of 105.5 billion euros across borders, a 5.5 percent increase compared to 2021.

In 2021, cross-border ecommerce in Europe was worth 171.2 billion euros. Thus, the market continued growing in 2022, but less strongly (a 5 percent increase). These data come from the 5th edition of the “Top 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe” from Cross-border Commerce Europe.

Cross-border sales in different European markets

Just like in 2021, Germany had the biggest European cross-border market with 34 billion euros last year (a 5 percent increase compared to a year before). Within the UK, cross-border sales decreased by 4 percent, to 28 billion euros. According to the study, a strong decrease of UK retailers could be seen in the Top 500 cross-border retailers (a decrease of 34 percent).

top500 crossborder sellers

Top 500 generated €62.2 billion

Together, the top 500 European cross-border sellers generated 62.2 billion euros. A drop in the number of multichannel retailers was noticeable, while the amount of brand manufacturers keeps growing. In 2021, that growth was 50 percent, but last year a 8.3 percent increase could be seen.

‘Marketplaces generated a cross-border turnover of 24.7 billion euros.’

The amount of marketplaces increased from 42 to 49. Together, they generated a turnover of 24.7 billion euros (an increase of 22 percent compared to 2021). The biggest cross-border category is fashion, jewelry and baby items with a 39 percent share. It is followed by home, garden and DIY.

Top 10 cross-border sellers in Europe

According to the report the top European cross-border sellers are:

1. Ikea
2. Lidl
3. Zalando
4. H&M
5. Lego
6. Zara
7. Jysk
8. Bauhaus
9. Notino
10. Adidas

Ikea has kept its leading position with a cross-border turnover of 5.6 billion euros. This was an increase of 1.8 percent compared to 2021. Lidl was a strong grower and secured a second position. New players in the top 10 are Notino and Adidas, who have replaced Bauhaus and Euronics.



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