Delivery management software Consignor expands to the UK

Delivery management software Consignor expands to the UK

Consignor, a delivery management software company founded in the Nordics, has entered the British market. In the UK, it wants to help companies to streamline their shipping process. The expansion is the result of an increasing demand from customers and partners to support that market in the platform.

After expanding its business to China, the United Kingdom is the next market for Consignor, the company previously known as EDI-Soft. It thinks the growing amount of shipments can provide excellent opportunities for them. Consignor is opening an office in London and according to the company’s vice president, Steffen Pasgaard, they see a great potential in improving freight and delivery in the United Kingdom.

“It’s a country where especially the ecommerce industry is growing fast. Both online retailers and other businesses with shipping needs will achieve huge economic benefits in being effectively connected with the carriers, since delivery is a crucial part of the supply chain”, he says. “Our platform contains the world’s largest carrier library, which means that our customers can choose exactly the solution that matches their shipments and customers.”

UK logical next step
Pasgaard explains that Consignor has experienced an increasing demand from customers and partners to support the UK market in the software platform. “This means that we already have active British customers using Consignor as a central part of their delivery process. Therefore, it was natural for us that Britain would be the next step in our growth strategy.”

Consignor acknowledges the fact there are already several software providers competing in the delivery management market. “So, we understand the market can feel congested, but no other providers have the same experience from a customer base of over 10,000 customers that we already have”, says managing director Consignor UK, Gary Carlile.

About Consignor
Consignor was founded in Norway in 1997 and since then expanded its business through Europe. It’s also active in Denmark (since 2002), Romania (2006), Sweden (2009) and Finland (2011). Last year, the company had revenues of more than 14 million euros and claims to have the world’s largest carrier library.

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