DHL expands European parcel network to Hungary and Slovenia

DHL expands European parcel network to Hungary and Slovenia

DHL Parcel Europe has expanded its cross-border ecommerce network through a new partnership with Slovenia and Hungary. The parcel company is now working together with the Slovenian Pošta Slovenije and the Hungarian Magyar Posta to strengthen the cross-border ecommerce market and to expand it range of services.

DHL Parcel Europe announced the cooperation today, explaining how its network is extended by two additional countries and now consists of a total of eighteen European ecommerce markets. The cooperation should lead to shorter conveyance times, Saturday delivery and a uniform service standard.

Hungary and Slovenia followed after launch in Austria

“After having established ourselves successfully within one year in the Austrian parcel market, the expansion of our network to the economically closely related countries Hungary and Slovenia was natural”, CEO Achim Dünnwald explains. “Together with our local partners, we also want to support online traders with their business in these markets. At the same time we offer our customers in the rest of Europe an attractive opportunity to offer their products across borders in an increasing number of markets.”

DHL says it wants to specifically support the ecommerce growth in Slovenia and Hungary through the new partnership. According to information from the European Commission, ecommerce in Hungary is expected to grow 36 percent by 2020, while ecommerce in Slovenia is said to increase by around 53 percent during the same period.

Saturday delivery and standardized processes should shorten the delivery and return times in these two countries. Pošta Slovenije and Magyar Posta will also introduce a service which informs recipients of their orders’ expected delivery time and date, as well as a customer-friendly returns solution.

DHL Parcel Europe in 18 countries

After only two years, DHL Parcel Europe’s network now covers eighteen countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

DHL's European parcel network as of September 2016.
DHL’s European parcel network as of September 2016.
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