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DHL Global Mail is now DHL eCommerce

DHL Global Mail, a business unit of Deutsche Post is rebranding itself as DHL eCommerce. The largest network for mail and parcel distribution worldwide decided to do this as a response to projections of significant growth in ecommerce, especially in emerging markets.

Not only does DHL changes the name, it also announced it will improve its services across the entire logistics chain, so it could meet the rising demand for automated ecommerce solutions in sectors like fashion, consumer electronics, media products and consumer pharmaceutical products. DHL will invest in its network and operations technology, so there will be more automation and faster transit times. There will be also more direct lanes built to the countries DHL’s customers ship to most.

According to Lee Spratt, CEO of DHL eCommerce Americas, robust growth in ecommerce is “a critical planning element for retailers and all the enterprises that supply them, presenting them with a new range of opportunities and challenges”.

More focus on ecommerce
Deutsche Post DHL, which is the parent company of DHL eCommerce, already outlined its growth aspirations in the ecommerce sector in “Strategy 2020: Focus.Connect.Grow.” The company wants to focus more on expanding the products and services it offers for the ecommerce market. It also wants to establish itself as the number one ecommerce related logistics provider for businesses around the world. Recent research, carried out by DHL, shows that ecommerce will account for about 40% of all trading volume in developed countries and 30% in developing countries by 2025.