Digital POS provider SoCloz launches in the United Kingdom

Digital POS provider SoCloz launches in the United Kingdom

The French company SoCloz, which provides digitalization services to retailers through its SaaS software, today announced it launched a dedicated commercial team based in the United Kingdom. The solution is now available to British retailers looking to offer services such as click & collect and click & reserve.

CEO and founder Jérémie Herscovic says he’s looking forward to bringing their vision of the future of retail, “as a convergence between online and instore”, to brands in the United Kingdom.

“We’re looking forward to bringing our vision of the future of retail, as a convergence between online and instore, to British brands. With more than 100 customers in 13 countries, our software solution has delivered highly successful solutions for every one of our clients by offering their customers a fully-integrated shopping experience and increasing sales.”

SoCloz helps retailers with digitalizing the retail experience. The company claims that despite the fact that 90 percent of purchases are still made in stores, 67 percent of European consumers are dissatisfied with their shopping experience. SoCloz wants to change this by giving retailers tools to deliver a “seamlessly connected consumer experience.”

About SoCloz

SoCloz was founded in France in 2010 and has 100 customers, comprising 20,000 stores, in 13 European countries. It offers several services to retailers, such as click & collect, click & reserve, express payment, unified stock and cross-channel refund. The company had a stand at eCommerce eXpo that was held in London last month.