DropshippingXL plans to expand in Europe

DropshippingXL plans to expand in Europe

European online retailer VidaXL has rebranded its dropshipping service to dropshippingXL. Since doing so, the company has grown its product range and logistics facilities. DropshippingXL now has plans to expand to more countries within Europe.

‘Over 50.000 products’

VidaXL is mostly known for its large Home & Garden assortment, but the retailer has expanded its product range, which now consists of over 50.000 products. Online retailers that want to sell products with dropshipping can apply to dropshippingXL.

According to the retailer, any business can start dropshipping without any prerequisites. Dropshippers create an account and pay a subscription fee of 30 euros per month. To start selling, dropshippers can use plugins for Magento 1 and 2 and Lightspeed. “We also have an API available, so that dropshippers can save time and effort on bulk orders”, says Linn Hallgren, Chief Marketing Officer.

Additional services for dropshippers

“The dropshippers can sell in any country or countries where VidaXL provides services. DropshippingXL handles the complete fulfillment process.” This means that dropshippingXL also handles return requests for free. Most dropshipping suppliers don’t accept returned products, leaving dropshippers with an inventory of goods they can’t sell.

‘The complete fulfillment process is handled by dropshippingXL.’

Though dropshippers can sell products in multiple countries, dropshippingXL also has a team specialized in creating products that are popular in local markets. In doing so, dropshippers have a higher chance that there is actually a sales market for their products.

Recent developments

In addition to the rebranding, VidaXL has been developing in the last year. Earlier this year, the company announced that it will open two new fulfillment centers in Europe. One of them will be built in the Netherlands, the other one in Poland.

According to dropshippingXL, adding these fulfillment centers is beneficial for dropshippers. “With our warehouses in the USA, Europe and Australia, we can ensure dropshippers of short delivery times.” Currently, the service has over 2.000 active dropshippers and over 50 new subscriptions every week. “We support dropshippers in growing their business and do not charge any commission on sales, that sets us apart from competitors.”

The service now has over 2.000 active dropshippers.

Opening new warehouses in Europe isn’t the only goal that the company has set for the future. “Our short-term goal is to expand to countries like Ukraine, Turkey and Iceland and create awareness for dropshipping there. We ship to those countries already, but want to expand further in those markets. We already see a lot of interest from potential customers.”



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