Dutch ecommerce platform SEOshop offers payments

Webshop software platform SEOshop will offer its own payments service starting December 1st. The Dutch company thinks that thanks to the new service its customers will benefit from the economy of scale of the SaaS platform. Online merchants should be able to pay much lower prices than they are used to.


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The new solution is called SEOshop Payments and according to the website the service is launched because “you should be able to compete with the giants in ecommerce”. The company also says it will offer the lowest price in the market, easy refunding and daily balance disbursements.

Below market price solution for online merchants
“For most merchants, the market for electronic payments is very opaque, because transaction costs depend on volume and negotiation. We see that many owners of growing online stores are struggling to make proper arrangements. We are the first in Europe to offer a below market price solution with full transparency”, says Max Verduyn, CFO at SEOshop. For at least 98 percent of SEOshop’s customers there should be cost savings thanks to the new payments service, the webshop software platform says.

For now it’s unknown what SEOshop merchants need to pay per transaction if they are using the services of SEOshop Payments. The company doesn’t want to reveal anything, but we think it might be in the price range of 30 euro cent per transaction. To comparison: in the Netherlands merchants pay about 45 cent per transaction if they want to offer iDeal payments (the most common payment method online in the Netherlands).

SEOshop Payments