Dutch ecommerce solution SEOshop opens German office

The Dutch hosted ecommerce solution SEOshop has gone cross-border for the first time ever. Last week, SEOshop opened its doors in Frankfurt. The German market isn’t an unknown area for the Dutch company, as it sells its software to German entrepreneurs for quite some time now. After a strong start in Germany, SEOshop expects to conquer a huge part of the German market by opening a local office.

According to Ruud Stelder, CEO of the Amsterdam-based ecommerce solution, Germany is lagging behind in terms of using software as a service (SaaS), compared to the Netherlands. “We’ve noticed some strong growth in Germany en we want to continue and expand this growth. We’ve also ensured that our software meets the guideline set by Trusted Shops. This is our way to show the German entrepreneurs that we are very serious partners.”

Great ecommerce opportunities in Germany
Together with the expansion to Germany, SEOshop also made Joost Hoogstrate its chief marketing officer. He thinks the company has some great opportunities in Germany. “Cross-border ecommerce within Europe is a huge opportunity for a lot of companies, especially for those in the Schengen Area. We’re offering a frontend that’s available in 14 different languages, international VAT and tax solutions en we comply to al local laws and regulations”, says Hoogstrate.

CEO Stelder isn’t sure if more local offices are about to follow, now the German one has just opened its doors. “We are rolling out in Europe faster than before, but all of our marketing is still done from our office in Amsterdam. If we gain some ground cross-border and we’ll notice the conditions are favorable, than we may open some more offices. But first, let’s do well in Munich, because at the moment we are attending Internet World with our own stand.”

About SEOshop
SEOshop was founded in 2006 and soon hopes to welcome its 5500th customer. Among the current customers are e.g. Philips, Van Gogh Museum and Fairphone. SEOshop is funded by a Dutch investment company; in 2013 Henq invested 1.1 million euros in SEOshop to conquer the European market.