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Dutch payment method iDeal keeps growing due to mobile

Dutch payment method iDeal keeps growing due to mobile

iDeal, the most popular payment method in the Netherlands, is being used more and more on mobile devices. Currently, seven out of ten iDeal payments are done from a smartphone or tablet. Mobile person-to-person payments are particularly popular.

New data on the usage of iDeal was shared by Currence, the company behind the popular payment method. According to them, 2018 can be seen as the year in which mobile p2p payments achieved its final breakthrough.

69.5% of iDeal payments happened on mobile

In 2017 already, there were more iDeal payments done from a mobile device than from a laptop or desktop computer. At the end of that year, 54.8 percent of iDeal payments happened through a mobile app. And now that share has only increased, with currently 69.5 percent of iDeal payments happening on a mobile device.

The Dutch like to pay using Tikkie app

Currence says this growth is mostly due to the increased popularity of mutual mobile payments between consumers. They pay small amounts of money more and more by using their smartphone. The very popular app Tikkie for example, which once started as a ABN Amro project, is based solely on this principle.

These consumer-to-consumer payment accounted for 17.5 percent of all iDeal payments in the month of December last year.

2 billion iDeal payments since the start in 2005

While ecommerce in the Netherlands continues to gain momentum, the number of payments with iDeal increased by 38.5 percent. Last year, more than half a billion iDeal payments were made. In November of last year, the total number of iDeal payments since its start in 2015, reached the milestone of 2 billion payments.