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Dutch trust mark WebwinkelKeur expands to Spain

Dutch company WebwinkelKeur has announced today the launch of its Spanish equivalent eValor. In the Netherlands, WebwinkelKeur is known for the fact merchants can put its trade mark on their site, after which a page with customer experiences is implemented.

eValor will officially be announced during the eShow in Barcelona, which takes place today and tomorrow. After the Netherlands, Spain is the second country WebwinkelKeur is active. Of course eValor isn’t a one-on-one copy of its Dutch predecessor. To fulfill the needs of local consumers and online merchants, WebwinkelKeur worked together with Ecommerce Managers. This is a Spain-based company with Dutch owners which helps foreign businesses starting and expanding online stores and other ecommerce services in Spain.

eValor at the eShow in Barcelona.

Adapted to the local ecommerce market
Thanks to the cooperation with Ecommerce Managers, eValor is fully adapted to the Spanish industry. It has an office in Barcelona and its customer service and marketing activities are also focused on the local market. On its weblog, WebwinkelKeur gives one example away of this adaptation: on its Dutch website the company uses blonde women to showcase the service, as on its Spanish website the company makes use of stock photos featuring a brunette, who ‘looks more Spanish’.

WebwinkelKeur explains its decision to expand to Spain partly by saying Europe offers more and more opportunities to companies wanting to operate internationally, by leveling legislations and opening international borders. “For some time we have had the ambition to go multilingual. And although this is something we will continue to work on, Spain is a first good test to see what’s needed when we want to go abroad. Having an international business is clearly more than just translate your website into another language.”

A ‘Spanish’ woman on the homepage of eValor.
A blonde woman on the homepage of Dutch trust mark WebwinkelKeur