eBay Germany starts loans with Iwoca

eBay Germany starts loans with Iwoca

eBay Germany is launching a financing solution with online loan provider Iwoca. The loan service is called eBay Flexi-Kapital by Iwoca. Sellers on the marketplace will get access to funds within 24 hours after their request.

Merchants on online marketplace eBay will can apply for working capital loans from 2,500 to 1 million euros. Most credit approvals are automated in real-time, which means that sellers will receive the funds within 24 hours of their request. The services comes without interest, instead, sellers pay a one-time fixed fee.

Flexible repayments

According to the platform, loan repayments are flexible as they are linked to sales. Merchants who generate less sales during get to repay less during that month. At the same time, sellers can also increase the credit if they encounter an unexpected higher demand. This way, they can upscale quickly.

Applications in seller portal

Sellers can apply for financing in their seller portal. German online loan provider Iwoca will contribute its infrastructure for credit financing. The complete value chain will be covered in-house.

‘We help our sellers where they are operating their business.’

“With eBay Flexi-Kapital, we are now offering our dealers easy access to financing. The entire process is quick and uncomplicated: from the convenient, fully digital application to the timely decision and payment to the flexible, sales-based repayment”, said Oliver Klinck, Managing Director eBay Germany. “With the new loan offer, we help our commercial sellers where they operate their business. In this way, especially in times of a more dynamic market environment, we are creating the necessary flexibility to counter delivery problems or rising energy prices.”

High demand for financing

According to research conducted by Iwoca, the need for financing is above average among retail companies when compared to other sectors in Germany. At least 31 percent said they needed fast and easy access to loans in order to conduct their business more productively in the last year. Across other sectors, only 2 out of 10 respondents stated this sentiment.



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