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Ecommerce Benchmark is searching for retailers data

Are you a retailer in shoes, clothes or any fashion related products and wondering what is going on in the industry? Then we have good news for you! The Ecommerce Foundation is currently doing a comprehensive research and they are willing to share their results for free if you are willing to share some of your data. But be fast, because participating is only possible until April 28.


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The comprehensive report, which will be handed out in the beginning of June, is based on the results of the Ecommerce Benchmark and offers retailers insights into the entire fashion industry.  It will give answers to questions like “what sub-industry has the highest revenues?”, “which has more repeat visitors: the jeans industry or the men’s fashion industry?” or “what percentage of purchases is sent back to the retailer?”.

So, retailers who complete the Ecommerce Benchmark, will get the results in return for answers to some questions about 21 Key Performance Indicators. Not every KPI needs to be completed, but you will only receive benchmark results for the sections that are fully answered. In addition, retailers also will have their individual score showed, in comparison with their direct competitors.

21 KPIs

Retailers can also choose to fill out the Premium Ecommerce Benchmark, which covers over 80 KPIs, but this is not needed in order to receive the fashion report.

The Fashion Report is an initiative of the Ecommerce Foundation, whose mission is to help companies to expand and improve their e-commerce activities with key market data, practical expert insights & cross company benchmarking. It has the support of the European trustmark agency Ecommerce Europe. They guarantee the confidentiality of all figures requested, and also that these will not in any case be disclosed to others. Internally, in the Foundation, access to individual data of participants is also restricted. Your individual data will never be used for any other puspose than benchmarking, however industry averages will be displayed on the website and other publications by the Ecommerce Foundation.