Ecommerce Europe will launch European trustmark

Ecommerce Europe just announced it will launch an European trustmark. Right now it’s in preparation but it will be launched on January 1, 2015. The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is meant for all companies, with low costs and based on non-profit and self-regulation, the organization told visitors at the Global E-Commerce Summit which is happening right now in Barcelona.

The announcement, which we got via Dutch ecommerce blog Twinkle, isn’t really a surprise. When Ecommerce Europe was founded in 2012, Wijnand Jongen, member of the board and chair of the executive committee of Ecommerce Europe, already told a trustmark is something the organization thinks about. “But a trustmark with dispute resolution and things like that, is something for the longer term. This is something which can’t be achieved within just one year. We need to have approval from the European Commission and its Digital Agenda, from the member states and from several consumer associations.”

But now, apparently the time is right to launch an pan-European trustmark. The organization, that represents more than 5,000 companies selling products and/or services online to European consumers, wants the trustmark to be something for all ecommerce companies, from SMEs to big enterprises.

Ecommerce Europe isn’t the first organization to launch an European trustmark. Earlier this year EMOTA, another organization representing online retailers in Europe, launched its own ecommerce trustmark.


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