Ecommerce in Serbia

Serbia is a country in Southeastern Europe, with lots of neigboring countries. While the online market is not as developed as in other European countries, it is expected to grow in the coming years. Here is what you need to know about ecommerce in Serbia:

Population 6.97 million people
– % internet users 84%
Online sales €412 million (2020)
Online stores worth mentioning: Gigatron, Srbotrade, Tehnomanija

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Ecommerce events in Serbia

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Ecommerce customers in Serbia

Internet usage in Serbia is relatively high, with 84 percent. This rate is higher than the global average. According to research by RetailX, just 52 percent of consumers in Serbia were shopping online in 2021. However, the relative youth of the population means that 72 percent of all online shoppers fall into the 25 to 54 age range, which makes up the bulk of the population. This indicates that the ecommerce market will probably grow as it matures.

online shoppers in serbia

52% of Serbian consumers were shopping online in 2021.

Of all the sectors that Serbians buy online, toys, hobbies and DIY account for 28 percent of spend. Fashion hits 24 percent, furniture 18 percent and food and personal care are at 17 percent. Unlike most other countries, electronics come way down the list of online purchases, accounting for just 13 percent of ecommerce spend.

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The ecommerce market in Serbia

According to data conducted by Statista, the Serbian ecommerce industry was worth 413 million euros in 2020. It has been predicted that the compound annual growth rate for the period of 2020-2024 will be 8 percent.

Serbian ecommerce was worth 413 million euros in 2020.

A graph from the National Bank of Serbia shows the total value of realized internet transactions that are paid by card. For the last couple of years, this number has been growing with double digits and the value was worth over 453 million euros in 2020.

Ecommerce in Serbia

Big online stores in Serbia

According to EcommerceDB, the biggest ecommerce player in Serbia is Gigatron, an omnichannel electronics retailer from Serbia. The company generated revenues worth almost 29 million euros in 2020. Other popular ecommerce players in Serbia are Srbotrade (13.6 million euros in 2020) and Tehnomanija (11 million euros). These numbers are based on only the revenue that is created in Serbia.

The leading retailer in Serbia’s ecommerce market is Gigatron, with revenues of 44 million dollars in 2021. It is joined by Tehnomanija and Zara  as the second and third-largest stores, with 40 million dollars and 20 million dollars, respectively. Together, these three stores account for 20 percent of online revenue in Serbia.

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