‘Ecommerce in Germany will grow to €57.8 billion in 2019’

Ecommerce in Germany is predicted to increase by 9 percent this year. This means the German online retail industry could be worth 57.8 billion euros at the end of 2019. The growth rate of German ecommerce has slowly been decreasing the last few years.

The latest figures come from Handelsverband Deutschland, which did not only share ecommerce statistics, but also about the whole retail industry in Germany.

According to the retail association [pdf], the business-to-consumer ecommerce industry in Germany was worth 53.3 billion euros last year and is now predicted to increase by 8.5 percent. If this happens, ecommerce in Germany will be worth 57.8 billion euros at the end of this year.

Online retail sales in Germany (2000-2019)

Positive about growth multichannel retail

When we look at the total retail industry in Germany, companies are divided about its growth. For the year 2019, 35 percent of companies surveyed expect a decrease in sales, 32 percent expect an increase, while the remaining 33 percent think the total retail sales will stagnate.

But when asked about the online sales expectations of the multichannel industry, 64 percent expect an increase, while only 11 percent think these sales will decrease in the current year.

Optimism about the multichannel retail industry in Germany.

While the ecommerce industry in Germany is set to increase by 8,5 percent this year, the stationary retail is expected to grow 1.3 percent.


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