Ecommerce News partners with Cross-Border Magazine

Ecommerce News partners with Cross-Border Magazine

As of today, Ecommerce News Europe and Cross-Border Magazine are partners. Our blog and the magazine on cross-border online trade will help each other with attracting new markets and expanding their reach, both online and offline.

Cross-Border Magazine was founded by Jeroen Leenders, founder and CEO of logistics and call center solution provider SaleSupply, in 2016. With the magazine he wants readers to learn from the whole ecommerce industry by featuring case studies, success & failure stories, and tips from expert thought-leaders.

“Our goal is to become a cross-border authority through sharing valuable cross-border content among ecommerce decision-makers all over the world”, Cross-Border Magazine founder Jeroen Leenders says.

Our goal is to become a cross-border authority.

Over 10,000 readers every quarter

“Every quarter, we manage to read over 10,000 readers. Our physical magazine is a household name in the industry, but online there’s still plenty of space to grow further. With our new partner Ecommerce News Europe, we think we can manage to attract new readers.”

Henoch van Paesschen, editor-in-chief of Ecommerce News Europe, is pleased to have Cross-Border Magazine on board as a partner. “Our strength is online. We have never made any efforts to show ourselves in offline situations. By partnering with Cross-Border Magazine we can be more visible in that area. We look forward to partnering with Jeroen and the others.”

Get a digital copy for free

For anyone who wants to read Cross-Border Magazine: you can get a digital copy for free. It’s also possible to order the hard copy. This costs 19.95 euros per year. This will get you four issues.

Cross-Border Magazine
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