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Ecommerce salaries in the UK rise again

As the ecommerce industry is still growing and becoming more mature, more people are getting their paycheck from a company that’s active in the online retail business. Ecommerce salaries in the United Kingdom have increased by over 14,000 euros in 2015 and this year, it grew by more than 3,000 euros so far.

That’s apparent from the annual ecommerce salary survey conducted by UK company Cranberry Panda. Over 550 people who are active in the British ecommerce industry took part in the survey, which shows that 60.9 percent expect their salary to increase by the end of this year. Less than one percent said they believed their pay would decrease during the next eight months.

Ecommerce salaries in the UK

More women entered the ecommerce sector

The survey also found that men hold more senior positions than women. “However, for the last two years, more young women have been entering the ecommerce sector than man”, the recruitment agency writes. Also, women appear to be more likely to hold junior or middle management roles while men dominate the majority of senior roles. “Given that more young women than men are now entering the sector, it will be interesting to see how our ecommerce breakdown by gender will look in 5 to 10 years’ time.”

Cranberry Panda also asked its respondents which skills they would most like to develop this year. Technical and advanced level skills topped the list, with a strong focus on SEO, analytics, coding, data science and specific programming languages such as Python.