ePages sees accelerating sales all across Europe

ePages, an ecommerce solution with most of its clients in Europe, saw some nice growth in the online market. For example in Germany, revenue of its users grew with 14%, while the number of orders grew by 11%. Italian users even saw their revenue increase with 59%.

To get these numbes, ePages evaluated anonymised numbers of 3,200 online shops in eight European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain. ePages published the data on their website. There we read that the 14% revenue growth of its German clients is even more than the 13% growth rate eMarketer had predicted for this local market. ePages was founded in Germany, so it’s not a big surprise that a lot of its customers are from this country. But in other European countries where ePages shops are much younger and experiencing rapid growth, sales per shop increased even more significantly. Italian users saw its revenue grow with 59%, while Swiss users noticed a growth rate of 25%.

According to the company, 2013 was a crucial year for mobile commerce in the surveyed shops. “We saw the share of mobile page views, of the total traffic, more than doubled to 11% within only two years.” According to CEO Wilfried Beeck, Europe will quickly follow the American example and experience the same strong m-commerce sales growth. “If a company wants to be successful in retail, you must be active and enable customers to have a seamless shopping experience across all channels, no matter the size of the business.”

ePages ecommerce Europe 2013ePages has more than 80,000 merchants across 75 countries and the company had its headquarters in Hamburg with additional offices in London, Barcelona, Boston and Jena.