EU consumers want free delivery, but retailers focus on timely delivery

In some European countries there may be some differences between what consumers want and what online retailers think is most important. It seems some consumers want convenience and  low shipping costs, while online sellers are focusing on improving the delivery time.

This is what we can conclude from’s latest report, called “Europe B2C E-Commerce Delivery 2014” [pdf]. Free shipping for future purchases was expected by almost two thirds of online shoppers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. But that’s not what the local online retailers are focusing on as they want to improve the delivery time. Same day delivery is now becoming the standard for online merchants in Germany, but consumers would rather have free delivery within two or three days. Paying a lot to get their packages delivered is even one of the biggest reasons for abandoning an online shopping cart in Germany, the report shows.

What consumers in Western Europe want
Online shoppers from the United Kingdom are looking for wider delivery options, while also seeing free delivery as one of the key factors in making a purchase decision. In France, a third of its online shoppers chose an online retailer based on the speed of delivery, and last year the share of online consumers in the Netherlands calling the speed of delivery important, grew. And in Spain, the length of the delivery team was the mean reason for almost 20% of online shoppers to leave their online shopping cart right away.

Russian consumers sometimes have to wait for weeks
When we go further east in Europe, we’ll see that half of online shoppers in Russia were willing to wait for their online purchases to be delivered in one week. But in reality, more than two thirds of them had to wait for one to several weeks to get their package delivered. One in ten consumers even had to wait several months! In Poland, things were looking better for online shoppers, as the majority waited just a couple of days for delivery. But consumers from this country also perceived delivery costs to be too high.

Online shoppers in Turkey chose a particular online store because of the fast and reliable home delivery, while in Ukraine, the most online shoppers prefer to pick up their online purchases themselves. Not in Scandinavia, were home delivery is the most preferred option. In these Northern European countries online shoppers were willing to accept a delivery time of several days to lower the cost of the purchase.