EU: Google has improved Google Shopping

EU: Google has improved Google Shopping

The European Union has seen a steady increase in the number of rival products showing up in Google Shopping’s search ads. But this doesn’t mean the internet giant has done enough to avoid more fines on top of the 2.4 billion euro penalty Google got last year.

Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition, told the European Parliament there are now more rival ad spots in Google Shopping, popping up in at least a third of slots compared to 15 percent in March. The share of clicks on rival products results has also increased: from 2.5 percent in February to 6.1 percent, Bloomberg writes.

But still, it’s too early to draw conclusions, Vestager emphasizes. “There is an uptake, also the inventory of rival ads is increasing compared to what it was just a few months ago. But we’ve taken no decision, neither on one side to say that this is fine, nor to the other to say ‘no, it’s not.'”

2.4 billion euro fine

In June last year, Google got a record-breaking €2.4 billion fine by the European Commission, after it was accused of abusing its dominant position and promoting its own comparison service Google Shopping over those of its competitors. Several months later, Google decided to split off Google Shopping.


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