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EU logo for online sale of medicines is mandatory from 1 July

In a battle against falsified medicines, the European Union has introduced a common logo for legally operating online pharmacies and retailers. This already happened one year ago, but starting 1 July, implementation of the logo on an online pharmacy’s website is mandatory.


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The ecommerce business is growing, and this also applies to the online sale of medicines. Europeans increasingly buy their medicines online. That makes sense of course, but it’s sometimes hard to be sure that an online pharmacy is authentic and safe.

That’s why the European Commission adopted an implementing regulation under the Falsified Medicinal Products Directive from 2011. Starting 1 July, the logo will be fully available and online retailers selling medicines are obliged to put that logo on their website, Net-iris writes.

Online pharmacy logo EU

As you can see, the flag in the middle left side of the logo corresponds to the member state where the pharmacy or retailer is registered or authorized. Only national flags are allowed, so if a customer sees a logo displaying the famous EU flag for example, it’s certainly not authentic.

List with all legally operating online pharmacies
Of course, it’s not only a logo that must be displayed. It should also link to the website of the national competent authority that lists all legally operating online pharmacies and retailers. So when somebody who wants to buy medicines online and wants to be sure he’s dealing with a certified retailer, he just needs to click on the logo. He then will be sent to the entry of the pharmacy on that national lists, thus completing the verification process. For an example, check out the list on the website of the French Ordre National des Pharmaciens.

Back in June last year, the European Commission said the regulation should enter into force in the next four to six weeks, but that member states still have a year to prepare for its application. That deadline is ending soon, as implementing the logo on an online pharmacy’s site is mandatory in less than two months away from now.