E-Commerce Tech Summit

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E-Commerce Tech Summit

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Date: Wednesday December 01 - Friday December 03 Location: Online event
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E-Commerce Tech Summit is a conference for developers from all over the world. This online event takes place from 1 to 3 December and will feature over 24 hours of tech talks.

During these three days, Magento, Salesforce, Shopware and BigCommerce software architects, CTOs and developers will share their real-life use cases with a 10,000+ audience. E-Commerce Tech Summit is focused on topics, such as headless ecommerce, PWA, scaling the infrastructure to handle large traffic, managing pipelines with Circle CI, using Jamstack for performance, and AI in ecommerce.

E-Commerce Tech Summit has invited over 30 speakers from top ecommerce companies. Among them are:

  • Sanhong Li – JVM Architect from Alibaba
  • Cagri Dursun – Senior Software Engineer from eBay
  • Piotr Siejczuk – eCommerce Solutions Architect from Accenture
  • Atish Goswami – Technical Architect from Dentsu
  • Oleg Sapishchuk – Technical Architect from Salesforce
  • Filip Rakowski – CTO & Co-founder of Vue Storefront
  • Daniel Roe – Framework Architect from Nuxt.js
  • Samuel Snopko – Head of Developer Relations from Storyblok
  • Sander Mangel – eCommerce Solutions Architect from Shopware