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Ecommerce Masterplan Virtual Summit

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Ecommerce Masterplan Virtual Summit

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Date: Monday September 18 - Friday September 22
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Like the name suggests, Ecommerce Masterplan Virtual Summit is a virtual summit in ecommerce. But it won’t last just a couple of hours, it’s a week-long event! It wants to help ecommerce business owners and marketers with identifying new growth strategies. It’s the first time this online event is being organized, but it already has a packed agenda.

Program Ecommerce Masterplan Virtual Summit 2017

Over 20 speakers will share their tips on how to grow further this year. Their sessions are divided into five different themes, with each day having their own theme:
Day 1: Traffic: How to get more customers to your website
Day 2: Systems: Free up your time and find more profit
Day 3: Automation: Using email marketing and more
Day 4: Listen: Find the growth fast track by listening to your customers
Day 5: Websites: Design trends and tools to increase conversions

The speakers are all hand-picked by organisator Cloë Thomas, who has been working in ecommerce since 2003 and has been running her own company since 2007. She is a well-known ecommerce advisor, mentor and consultant who published 4 books on ecommerce and also has their own podcast show about online retail.