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European Payment Summit 2019

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European Payment Summit 2019

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Date: Thursday April 25 - Friday April 26 Location: The Hague, The Hague, The Netherlands
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European Payment Summit is a two-day event that features key developments in the payments/transaction space combined with key sessions on Open Banking, the latest developments in the regulatory landscape and advances in technology. There are plenary introductions, but delegates can also create a meaningful program in order to gain best insights on developments, debate on key issues and learn best practice initiatives.

Topics during Europrean Payment Summit 2019

Thanks to new technology and new schemes, we by-pass regulated models. But new payments techniques require new rules, as we need to protect users, both businesses and consumers. The fast-changing industry opens the door to instant payments, optimization of processes and logistics, but also presents new security risks. Leaders and experts from the payments industry will address key issues and changes in this space.

Who visits European Payment Summit 2019

For more than 17 years, over 3.500 professionals have attended the conference. The audience consists of key policy makers, decision makers in the FSI, experts in payments and the transaction space and key stakeholders in both payments, cyber-security, technology, transaction infrastructure, mobile, cards and other related areas of expertise.

Location European Payment Summit 2019